About Kazenoya Sara

About Kazenoya Sara



Kazenoya Sara is a traditional Kyo-Machiya style townhouse.

about Kyo-Machiya > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machiya

When you visit Kyoto, you may want to feel the differences of the far east culture.

Would you stay in a western style expensive hotelin Kyoto…

Do you think you can experience real living in Kyoto…

How about staying at Kazenoya Sara originally built in late 19th CE,

and renovated in 2016.

We have preserved traditional atmosphere in the house and it is fully equipped for your convenience.

You can feel the true culture of Kyoto!

Kaze, Breeze or Wind in Japanease

Kaze, Breeze or Wind in Japanese

Kazenoya means house of breeze.

Kyoto city is known to be a very hot city in Japan during summer time.

We hope you can stay comfortable even in the summer time.


Kazenoya Sara Manager,

Kazenoya Manager

Kazenoya Manager  Aki Tanemori

I had worked as tour assistant for 5 years in Kyoto.

I would like to support your Kyoto trip to make it priceless.

I could provide not only accommodation but also everything you need to make your trip valuable and efficient!!

Please feel free to ask at guest@kyotosara.info

July, 2016  Aki Tanemori